Shower Products  
  Shower Products  
    ---- Shower Channel  
    ---- Pool Shower Post  
    ---- Decorative Planter Pot  
  Sheet Metal Products  
    ---- Industrial Sheet Metal Products  
    ---- Bending Products  
    ---- Stamping Products  
    ---- Welding Products  
  Industrial Assembly Products  
    ---- Industrial Assembly  
    ---- Stainless Steel Tank  
  Hardware Products  
    ---- Plastic Product  
    ---- Aluminium Products  
    ---- Other Fastener  
    ---- Others Industrial Parts  
  Other Civil Products and Parts  
    ---- Metal Screen  
    ---- Oven Parts  
    ---- Other Civil Products  
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Enterprise Culture

Enterprise’s Aim: Pursue the excellent quality, Forge the quintessential brand. Customer’s satisfaction is our target

Enterprise’s Spirit: Learning, Innovation, Honesty, Practical
  Civilized, Democrate, Safely   Environmental Friendly

Enterprise’s Style: Prompt action, Precisely action .
             democracy,contribution, be trusty, people-oriented.

Enterprise's View

Administration View:  Use the corporate culture to manage the enterprise, reduce the random carried out in the course, management and execution are based on regulations.

Managerial View:  Long-term goal operation, civilization and legitimately, realize the win-win by both the company and the customer.

Production View: Take market requests as the guide; based on products functions and the international standard to research and develop the new products, strive to optimize the higher performance and lower cost of the products

Shower channel,Sheet metal
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